10 Home Design Trends in 2018

Over-the-top windows, handcrafted lighting and more

Another year is upon us! 2017 was filled with wonderful tours of mountain home design and high-country communities, from an artful evening in Lake Tahoe to a furniture popup shop in Denver’s Cherry Creek.

From our behind-the-scenes look at the people, places and events we feature in Mountain Living, we’ve gleaned some insight into what might be trending in home design this year. Consider these features for an even brighter 2018.

1. Windows

Photo by Whitney Kamman

Over-the-top windows maximize those mountain views.

2. Sunscreen

Photo by Gibeon Photography

To protect your rugs, floors, furniture from high altitude sun, use low-E glass in the windows and light-sensitive motorized shades on the inside.

3. Exterior bifold doors

Photo: Gibeon Photography

Truly allow the blending of your interiors with the outdoors by eliminating the wall between the two.

4. Bling

Photo by Audrey Hall

Beautiful handcrafted lighting can be part of the artwork; one designer calls lighting the “jewelry of the house."

5. More bling

Photo by Audrey Hall

A room needs something that shines—polished metal, lustrous glass—but not too much.

6. Hardware

Photo by Whitney Kamman

Decorative and functional but also tactile, hardware makes a first impression when guests open the front door.

7. Color

Photo by Emily Minton Redfield

Incorporate a range of colors found in the home’s surrounding landscape—sky blues, grassy greens and yellows (to create the illusion of sunshine).

8. Paint

Photo by David Duncan Livingston

Don’t be afraid to paint wood—and even stone; it can create a beautiful effect.

9. Outdoor fabrics

Photo by Audrey Hall

Leading-edge outdoor fabrics are durable in high-use rooms and now come not only in cotton and linen but also in more sophisticated fabrics like chenille and velvet.

10. Lighting

Photo by Emily Minton Redfield

When the sun goes down behind the mountain, you can still enjoy nature inside with special lighting details to recreate sunshine.SaveSaveSaveSave

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