10 Cozy and Rustic Bathroom Designs

Tour these baths—from rustic-chic to rugged-cabin—and find inspiration in their natural elements

There’s something about relaxing in the beauty of Mother Nature that translates particularly well to master bath design—soaking in the tub, enjoying natural light, and enjoying a peaceful refuge mimics the quiet reflection found off the grid. And bringing those rustic elements into the bathroom can do wonders for your own private sanctuary.

Tour these 10 cozy bathroom designs—from rustic-chic to rugged-cabin—and find inspiration in their natural elements.

Photography: Audrey Hall
Architecture: Locati Architects
Interior design: Cashmere Interior
Construction: PRG Builders
See the whole house here: Culture Crush


Photography: Kimberly Gavin
Architecture: AJA Studio
Interior design: Studio 80 Interior Architecture and Design
See the whole house here: An Artisan Woodworker's Farm-Inspired Dream House


Photography: Audrey Hall
Architecture: Stephen Tobler
Interior design: Elizabeth Dinkel Design Associates
Construction: Tennyson-Ankeny Construction Management
See the whole house here: An Authentic Rustic Home in Jackson Hole


Photography: Karl Neumann Photography
Architecture: Pearson Design Group 
Construction: Yellowstone Traditions
See the whole house here: A Rustic Four-Cabin Family Enclave


Photography: Gibeon Photography
Architecture: Carson Poetzl Inc.
Interior design: Angelica Henry Design
​Construction: Red Rock Contractors 
See the whole house here: A Fantasy Family Getaway in Arizona


Photography: Christopher Marona Photography
Architecture: RLA Architects
Interior design: Sefra Maples Interior Design + Consulting
​Construction: Veritas Fine Homes Inc.
See the whole house here: A Fresh Farmhouse Near the River


Photography: Audrey Hall
Interior design: Pearson Design Group
​Construction: Lohss Construction
See the whole house here: A Montana Home Renewed With Rustic Style


Photography: Audrey Hall
Interior design: Abby Hetherington Interiors
See the whole house here: A Playful, 'Retro Chic' Guesthouse


Photography: Gibeon Photography
Architecture: Locati Architects
Interior design: Janet Baker
​Construction: Schlauch Bottcher Construction 
See the whole house here: Southern Accents


Photography: Gordon Gregory Photography
Architecture: Miller Architects
Interior design: Haven Interior Design
See the whole house here: True West

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