Why I'm Thankful for the Rocky Mountains

Some of the most beautiful vistas in the country are located in the Rocky Mountains. From the view on Wolf Creek Pass near Pagosa Springs to the incredible scenery atop Independent Pass near Aspen, these landscapes invigorate and soothe us. They ground us, and at the same time, inspire us to soar.

The Rocky Mountains run from Northern British Columbia through New Mexico. This is the third largest mountain chain in the world. Here in the United States, the Rockies flow through Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and creep into New Mexico.

In each of these states, the Rocky Mountains represent a boom for the economy because visitors from across the world are drawn to these peaks. The Rockies present opportunities for endless outdoor activities, are home to National Parks, as well as charming villages. These mountains provide habitat for an array of wildlife, from majestic grizzlies to fat marmots.

Photo: Dancing in my Head Photography

One of the most intriguing things about the Rocky Mountains is that they will still be there long after we are gone. It’s their endurance that makes mountains magical. Lakes may dry up, trees may be cut down, but mountains remain. They are the constant in a world of flux. Perhaps this is the biggest draw of all.  

For those of us who are lucky enough to live in them or in their shadow, the Rocky Mountains are home. And because these picturesque peaks are part of our daily landscape, we sometimes take them for granted, but I try not to.

Photo courtesy of Snowmass Tourism

As I stand atop a peak or at a scenic lookout or along a wooded trail, I feel alive. More alive than I ever feel on a city street or in my car. This is why I’m thankful for mountains.

Mountain Living magazine is about having a home in the mountains; whether that’s a real house or a dream. Dreams are good. Dreams inspired us, and Mountain Living magazine inspires us. That’s a big reason that I’m thankful to be part of the team.

The Heidi Guide is now more than a year old and each week, as I write a post, I’m grateful that Mountain Living asked me to take this journey with them. I sincerely hope The Heidi Guide has inspired your mountain dreams and will continue to inspire you in the months to come.

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