The Top Product for Home-Chef Suite Dreams

Check out this award-winning super-stove


IMMERSION THERAPY First developed in the early ’70s and the darling of Michelin-starred chefs, cooking sous vide—French for “under vacuum”—entails sealing food in plastic and submerging in a long hot bath. The method trades touchy timing for precision temperature—a 138-degree sous vide provides the choicest of steaks with edge-to-edge medium rare perfection.

Lately the top-chef technique has gone DIY, but it took Signature Kitchen Suite to bring it home in a sleek stainless pro range boasting the industry’s first built-in sous vide, in multi-cooking method combination with induction, gas griddle, convection and steam. Our pick for home-chef suite dreams, the award-winning super-stove joins the luxury line’s full complement of kitchen wizardry with a pampering approach that includes a smart-appliance app, 24/7 concierge service—and even a short-film series starring culinary guru Mark Bittman.

48” Dual-Fuel Pro Range, from $14,499.

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