The Many Perks of Timber Frame Homes

Even with modern-day building requirements, this old-school style continues to deliver outstanding performance

Timber framing has proven itself to be a sturdy, dependable building method for thousands of years. Yet even with modern-day building requirements, timber frame style continues to deliver outstanding performance. Building with timber inherently provides a superior insulation value, and new insulation techniques have allowed the timber-framed structure to achieve soaring new levels of energy efficiency.

With timber frame construction, the structure creates a continuous thermal envelope, which provides a snug, energy-efficient environment; in most cases, more efficient than conventional stick frame builds where insulation is placed between studs and rafters creating gaps in the insulation performance.

Many larger timber frame companies offer a 3D modeling process where they can custom manufacture roof and wall systems creating a rapid, cost effective and efficient installation of your timber frame shell. Roof and wall enclosure systems are manufactured to fit beam pockets, complex roof lines and strapping patterns for siding application all based upon the design of the home generating cost savings and time savings for both clients and builders.

Contact your local timber frame company to find out more about the energy efficiencies of timber frame homes and the cost effective custom enclosure systems offered.

Stephanie Bowes is the Executive Director at Canadian Timberframes, a British Columbia-based leading manufacturer and provider of timber frame solutions across North America. View their profile, or contact her at 877-348-9924.

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