Luxury Adventure for Nature Lovers at Montage Deer Valley

This summer, explore the Mountain West and surrounding areas from an elevated perspective
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For those who adore the outdoors but prefer glamping over camping, Montage Deer Valley‘s luxury expeditions are right up your alley. Explore the Rocky Mountains and surrounding regions in style through a pre-planned day-long trip. Each excursion features a chef-prepared gourmet lunch alongside premium air and ground transportation. With all your bases covered, you’ve got more time to relax and soak in the scenery.

Mountain Living sat down with Trixie Hoogcarspel, Montage Expeditions Manager at Montage Deer Valley to learn more about the expeditions.

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What sets Montage Expeditions apart from other luxury outdoor experiences? 

Montage Expeditions stand out because no two experiences are alike. Each Montage Expedition is customized to guests’ individual preferences and by offering this personalized experience, we can exceed the guests’ expectations and deliver special touches along the way, making it a truly unforgettable experience. Whether it’s a guest’s birthday, anniversary or multi-generational family trip, we cater to all occasions and are always striving to keep you excited for what’s around the next corner.

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What’s the difficulty level of your hiking excursions?

Newbies are welcomed! Whether the hike is long or short, we can guide all abilities. However, our expeditions are not just limited to hiking. Resort guests can also partake in tours and trips to beloved National Parks including Arches, Canyonlands, and more where guests are greeted on the tarmac with Jeep ​Rubicon’s 4x4s, specially outfitted for Moab, Utah. The 4x4s allow us to go off-roading, see grand vistas and stunning landscapes as well as Native American rock art. For the more daring, Moab’s off-roading and premier slickrock jeep trails are a hit.

What kind of education can a guest expect when they attend your outings?

Our expeditions are based on interpretative guidance. Throughout the expedition, we educate guests on the following topics; geology, natural features, common flora and fauna, Native American history, Spanish explorers, pioneers, outlaws, grazing, uranium mining and more.

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