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Ward + Blake Architects

200 East Broadway, Jackson, WY 83002

Exterior, horizontal, south elevation overall, Landes-Oatey residence, Jackson, Wyoming; Ward + Blake Architects
Exterior, horizontal, overall rear 3/4 view from south west at twilight, Earth Wall II, Squirrel, Idaho; Ward + Blake Architects

Live Beautifully

Ward + Blake Architects is built on a distinctive vision: Be provocative in thought, flexible in nature, and disciplined in execution. Since its inception, the firm has gained recognition for architecture that is sensitive to its environment and successfully integrated with its surroundings.

The firm’s architecture belies passion and intelligence from conception to execution. At once comfortable living places and dramatic structures, their designs elevate custom building to an extraordinary standard. Sidestepping the ordinary and shopworn, Ward + Blake strives to engage the client’s unique taste, background, and sensitivity to create healthy environments in harmony with nature.