Jill Zeidler Ceramics Takes Minimalism to a New Level

A Big Sky artist creates handmade pottery with sculptural beauty and function
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Photography by Jill Zeidler

Jill Zeidler’s ceramic art stuns in its simplicity. Inspired by her surroundings in Big Sky, MT, she creates pottery that features clean lines, a soft palette and colorful patterns. She implements a process by which her pieces are hand-built from slabs of organic clay, creating a loose, elemental look with exposed seams in the finished pieces. The resulting ceramics are beautifully simple and utilitarian. Her work evokes a feeling of warmth and comfort that celebrates the imagery of light, nature and the Mountain West.

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Zeidler grew up in the Hudson Valley of New York and moved with her family to Arizona in high school. “Growing up in the Southwest,” she says, “I was exposed to sculptural work and geographic forms that really resonated with me.” A one-year college exchange program at Montana State University introduced her to the beauty of the state, and she quickly fell in love with the area. She has made her home in Big Sky for 25 years.

You’ll most often find Zeidler in her studio and shop creating her special brand of ceramic pottery. “I think the renaissance of handmade is a beautiful thing,” she explains. “Having handmade ceramic pieces in our homes helps create a special relationship between home and heart.” Her collections include fun, colorful stoneware vessels, mugs and cups, vases, pitchers and serving pieces. Perfect for gifting or refreshing your own home, Zeidler ceramics combine beauty and function making them perfect for any occasion.

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Zeidler combines her art with her own very busy life. Her husband is a builder and together they are raising two sons ages 15 and 17. “Big Sky has changed a lot over 25 years,” she notes. “It’s a much busier place now.” Still, she loves that she can do some Nordic skiing on a whim when time permits. Fortunately, the beauty of the surrounding area withstands the test of time and remains a vital part of her inspiration.

The Jill Zeidler Ceramic Art Studio + Shop is located in Big Sky’s Big Horn Center and is open by appointment. Walk-in shop hours are Wednesday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Customers can make an appointment by visiting her website. Her work is also featured at the Gallatin River Gallery in Big Sky, MT and WorkShop Gallery in Jackson, WY.


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