Guided Fishing Trips in the Rocky Mountains

As an adult, fishing is like golf for Ryan and me. We have all the gear but don’t get out much. When we do, we have a really great time and wonder why we don’t fish/golf more often.

We have discovered, however, that fishing is even more fun with a guide, especially when you’re visiting an unfamiliar area. Guides know all the best places to fish, and it’s in their best interest that you catch something.

Here are some Rocky Mountain guided fishing trips that will provide you with an unforgettable experience and hopefully a fried fish dinner (unless it’s catch and release).

Saratoga, Wyoming

I’ve previously written about our visit to Saratoga, Wyoming, in The Heidi Guide. If you want an authentic Wyoming experience, Saratoga is a great place to go. With hot springs, a golf course, and an endless number of outdoor activities available, there’s never a dull moment here.

Our guided fishing trip with Drift on the North Platte River is one of my husband’s favorite travel experiences. That’s likely because he caught 13 fat, beautiful trout on our outing. I only caught one, but the weeklong smile on Ryan’s face was worth the entire trip.

Drift, a fly-fishing outfit out of Saratoga, provides an array of outings including float trips, walk and wade trips, and even private waters trips. Learn more at

Grand Lake, Colorado

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest where lakes never freeze over, the concept of ice fishing was foreign to me until I moved to Colorado in 2000. I’ve always wanted to try it, so when I was offered the opportunity to go ice fishing in Grand Lake with Rocky Mountain Outfitters, I jumped at it.

It turns out that ice fishing is cold, but it’s also super fun and pretty easy if you go with a pro like Jim Gasner, owner of Rocky Mountain Outfitters. Gasner transported us out on the ice via snowmobile, the preferred mode of transportation in Grand Lake during the winter. He drilled our fishing holes and provided all the gear, even a fish finder.

I had a bite early on, but unfortunately, when I yanked up the pole I forgot to reel at the same time and lost it. The lake trout, which I’m sure was a 30-pounder, avoided being hauled up and having his picture taken with me. Both Ryan and our friend AJ caught trout, which was good because no one wants to be skunked on a fishing outing.

Despite the freezing temperatures during our outing, I’d recommend ice fishing with Rocky Mountain Outfitters to anyone. They do guided fishing trips year-round and not just on Grand Lake. Visit their website at to learn more.

Photo courtesy of Rigs Adventure Colorado

Southwest Colorado

Southwest Colorado is popular with fisherman for many reasons, but the main one is that the region provides amazing fishing opportunities in some of the Rocky Mountain’s most scenic regions. RIGS Adventure Colorado is a one-stop shop for your Southwest Colorado guided fishing needs. They also provide whitewater rafting and kayaking trips.

RIGS offers everything from one half-day trips to five-day adventures, and these outings are divided into three categories: walk/wade, float trips, and Tenkara fly fishing trips. Located in Ridgway, Colorado, RIGS is within one hour of six major trout streams and rivers.

Check out their website for more information.



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