Finnish Micro Cabin

Cabin connoisseurs take note: Helsinki-based design whiz Robin Falck dreamed up this stylish micro cabin and then built it by himself in just two weeks.

Surrounded by green Nordic wilderness, this little slice of minimalist-modern comfort contains a tiny kitchen and living space on the main floor, with a 50-square-foot sleeping and storage loft above. 

Constructed from recycled and local materials hauled to the building site on foot, the entire mini-home and adjacent lounging deck cover a mere 96 square feet, so Mr. Falck didn’t even need a Finnish building permit.

Falck named the finished cabin Nido (“bird’s nest” in Italian) and now he enjoys his petite forest perch. “The angle and size of the window gives the interior a lot of natural light,” he says. “You can even admire the stars during the night.” To learn more about the cabin, click here.

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