Create a Contemporary Farmhouse Living Space

All the best rustic-chic fashions, including Joanna Gaines’ collection of hand-woven rugs

The rustic-chic farmhouse trend could not be more fashionable right now, and with its use of vintage elements, airy spaces and modern-yet-earthy textures, the look is the perfect design approach for a home in the mountains.

Bring a little contemporary farmhouse to your high-country living space with these six tips and tricks.

1. Create the setting

The first step in creating a rustic-chic farmhouse living room is to set the stage for furnishings and accessories. Natural wood floors, exposed beams, crown molding and beadboard are all features that instantly make a space feel more authentic. Brick or wood-paneled walls can be painted for an instant update.

2. Find the right furnishings

Although much of the design aesthetic of a rustic farmhouse is laid-back and casual, the rustic-chic farmhouse trend boasts a bit more edge. Contemporary designs are incorporated, which frame the “farm” in present-tense style—leaving the barnyard behind. Look for timeless-yet-contemporary furnishings, like clean-lined sofas and button-tufted chairs. Take care to get the perfect blend of old and new that’s right for you.

3. Use reclaimed wood

A rustic-chic farmhouse living room should feature exposed wood and distressed finishes. Incorporate reclaimed pieces that show the natural beauty of the grain, and vintage elements like old window shutters, shiplap paneling, sliding barn doors, or repurposed crates.

4. Get industrial

Adding cool-toned metals is a surefire way to keep your farmhouse-style living space feeling current (and not too country). Edgy industrial accents can go a long way in subtly infusing contemporary design into your farm-inspired room—think ironwork, steel beams, and Edison-style light fixtures.

5. Have fun with texture and color

While farmhouse style tends to have a neutral color palette, area rugs and other textiles are the best place to branch out and infuse a little color and texture into your living space. Home renovation reality star Joanna Gaines focuses on bold patterns and beautiful colors in her Magnolia Homes Rug collections—and if the queen of farmhouse style believes in pops of personality, so should you.

6. Add final touches

Once you’ve worked from the ground up to create stunning rustic-chic farmhouse style, you can now get even more creative with farm-inspired accessories. Bring a ladder into the space for blanket storage, display fresh flowers in mason jars, and add depth to your walls with a faux deer skull. Take care to not clutter the space; instead, slowly curate pieces that speak to you.

Achieving the rustic-chic farmhouse look in your living room requires blending natural textures, classic and clean furniture, distressed wooden pieces, industrial metal accents, and interesting items—and the result will be worth the effort. Your space will be fresh and ready for friends and family to gather.

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