At Home in the Forest

This book is perfect for those who crave the tranquility of nature and sustainable home design
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Cabin on Flathead Lake Polson, Montana | Andersson-Wise Architects / 2007

In times like these, when we are in our homes more than we ever imagined, finding solace in our space is a necessity. Whether you’re inspired to start a new home project inside, or create a natural haven in your backyard, this time at home has put a spotlight on the places we reside, big or small, in the city or in the mountains.

This new book by Philip Jodidio is an A to Z of ideas for the twenty-first century, from a pavilion in Argentina to a forest house in New Zealand, each designed to have minimal architectural traces and made with local materials that harmonize with the surrounding environment.

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Into the Woods: Retreats and Dream Houses (Rizzoli, 2020) features 50 houses selected from around the world with the most ecologically sustainable and innovative breakthroughs in architecture and design. This book is perfect for those who crave the tranquility of nature.

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Tree House Constantia Constantia, Cape Town, South Africa | Malan Vorster / 2017

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Tree House Constantia Constantia, Cape Town, South Africa | Malan Vorster / 2017

The book features environmentally, low-impact homes and retreats using eco-friendly materials and technology that reduce the carbon footprint and lower its energy needs—a retreat outside Oslo provides space where visitors can benefit from the therapeutic qualities of nature; a residence in Tottori, Japan, adapts with the changing seasons; a treehouse in Cape Town uses cylindrical towers that are elevated on stilts, offering views among the trees; and in Quebec, three geodesic domes were designed as part of an eco-tourism project to highlight the area’s natural beauty.

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Klein A45 Lanesville, New York | BIG NYC / 2018

Each house is paired with photographs and plans making Into the Woods an ideal resource for anyone looking to be inspired places nestled in nature.

“The forest exerts an irresistible attraction on many persons, either as a source of relaxation from the stress of urban life or as a real way to escape to another world, one where the rules of nature must be obeyed,” writes Jodidio. “The houses chosen for this book are intentionally of very different types, ranging from small off-grid shelters to luxurious houses for the lucky few.”

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Charlevoix Domes Petite-Rivière-Saint-François, Quebec, Canada | Bourgeois/Lechasseur Architectes / 2018

Jodidio has written over 100 books about contemporary architecture and art, including Tadao Ando: Venice, Tadao Ando at Naoshima, Tadao Ando: Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, and I. M. Pei: The Complete Works for Rizzoli.

Get inspired by the unique retreats and dream homes in this gorgeous guide, fit for your coffee table or bookshelf.

Into the Woods: Retreats and Dream Houses
By Philip Jodidio

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