A Super-Cool Fireplace

The Bathyscafocus by Focus Fireplaces

Before Dominique Imbert began designing fireplaces in 1967, his resume included literature major, ethnologist, assistant chef and history professor. Now as the president and founder of Focus Fireplaces—a French company headquartered in the village of Viols-le-Fort for over 45 years—he says this detouring career path and lack of textbook training in design was the launching pad for his unconventional and innovative fireplace forms.

Take the Bathyscafocus, for example. With its nautical shape and suspended flue, this wood-burning fireplace is striking yet subtle, and adds interest to any living space. Better yet, its pivoting hearth allows heat to be easily directed toward different areas of the room, so no one gets the cold shoulder.

Available in White with Black Interior (pictured), Flat Black and Slate Grey. Starting at $15,750.

Categories: Fixtures & Finishes