A Splurge-Worthy Rustic Water Cooler

This functional water dispenser will stand out in any mountain setting
Bien Hecho Water Tower

Bien Hecho Water Tower

WATER WORKS Seeing potential in everything from 19th-century warehouse beams to Coney Island boardwalks, John Randall founded Bien Hecho in 2006, taking the Spanish phrase for “well done” as a mantra for his fine furniture and high-end millwork fabrication company.

With clients ranging from hip hotels to homeowners enamored of his character-laden creations, Randall’s Brooklyn Navy Yard shop is known for repurposing with a purpose. So when coopered barrel-wood cedar from a Brooklyn rooftop water tower came his way, he crafted a functional water dispenser that honors its city skyline source while exuding the rustic charm sure to make it a standout in any mountain setting.

Hand-turned on a bowl lathe, topped with reclaimed white pine and fitted with ceramic float, stainless-steel dispenser and N95 filter for outside air intake, this tall drink of water puts the cool back in cooler.

Bien Hecho Water Tower water cooler holds 3 gallons, 59” x 18.5”, $9,500.

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