A Guide to Being, Doing & Making in Nature

From foraging to walking outside, this new book helps you reap the benefits of nature

Most of our days are consumed by an abundance of technology, so it's no wonder that time spent out of doors is becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity. Doctors in Scotland are even prescribing "time in nature" to their patients for a health boost, helping people manage everything from diabetes to depression to cancer.

Mountain Living Editor-in-Chief, Darla Worden, recently wrote about forest bathing, a new trend focusing trees and shinrin-yoku, the Japanese art and science of taking in the beauty and force of nature in the forest. 

A new book to be released this July is here to help us get outside and do it well. FFOREST: Being, Doing & Making in Nature (Kyle Books; July 2019) is an inspirational guide to engaging with nature, from stargazing and foraging to simply walking in the dark under the light of the moon and the stars. 

Gaze at the stars on a clear night.

Author Sian Tucker named the book after her family's 200-acre farm set on high land and surrounded by ancient oak woods on the edge of the Teifi Gorge in Wales. "Everyday we notice the light on the trees, through the clouds and on the sea, and the seasons passing, little by little. These things feed our souls," writes Tucker. 

The book is designed to get you outside, to try new skills, to be comfortable with exploring nature and to learn more about the world around you and the benefits it can provide. "I hope it inspires you to learn new skills and discover, or rediscover, what it is to be outside," Tucker writes. 

Take a walk in the dark.

Divided into five sections, FFOREST is both a crafting novel and nature guide. The book opens with "Being in Nature," a straight-to-the-point section praising the heath benefits of being outside and offering simple outdoor activities. "Nature has an incredible ability to seep inside us, to provide calm, comfort and serenity," Tucker says.

Immerse yourself in your senses while forest bathing.

Walking in the dark heightens our senses and allows you to physically connect with the darkness without being scared. Bathe your senses in the beauty and the nature of the woods in forest bathing. Leave your phone behind and immerse yourself in your senses.

Gather natural found-items to display nature at home.

In "Creating with Nature," Tucker offers up a plethora of activities, from collecting to pressing flowers, to connect you with the world around you. Laws permitting, wander into a nearby field, shoreline or woods to forage and collect the colorful and textured bits of nature. 

After you've sugared the flowers, dry them overnight and enjoy to happiness of decorating. 

Sugaring flowers is a way to add a touch of nature to a tasty sweet treat. All you need are dried petals from edible flowers, egg whites and sugar. Tucker gives step-by-step directions to creating the perfect petals for cake decoration. 

FFOREST is full of tips and tricks for reconnecting with nature and reaping the benefits of being outdoors, from recipes, campfires and chopping wood to kayaking and more. It's a book full of inspiration and ideas. We'll leave you with this reminder from Vincent van Gogh, "If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere."

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