A Bespoke Kitchen by Abimis

​For 35 years, Prisma has been crafting high-end commercial kitchens for chefs, caterers and restaurants all over the world. Now, through its sister company Abimis, these Italian-made professional-grade storage and cooking units can be brought home to the Rockies. Using AISI 304 steel—a biologically neutral metal that’s super-hygienic, easy to clean, resistant to corrosion, and can withstand temperatures up to 930 degrees—the Abimis team of architects design prep and storage spaces, refrigerators and stovetops in Italy, and then ship the parts to the U.S., where the tailor-made kitchen is assembled, seamlessly welded and installed. Customizable options include heated drawers for storing dishes before plating a meal and refrigerated garbage bins to neutralize odors, so you can cook like a pro in the comfort of your mountain home.

Pricing upon request; abimis.com

Categories: Fixtures & Finishes, Kitchens