5 Answers to "Why Visit Vail This Winter?"

From the shopping to dog-friendly accommodations, Vail is the place to be

Vail has become one of my favorite places, and on the last visit during Revely Vail, I finally figured out exactly why. It’s a touristy town and hardly anyone can afford to live there and if they do, they live there part time. In the past, I thought this was a drawback, however, it is actually a good thing. 

Why? Check out number one below. 

1. Good Moods

Light snow fell as we made our way to the Kris Kringle Market during Revely Vail. Despite the drab weather, everyone sported a smile. They were, after all, on vacation and skiing in November. 

This is what I’ve grown to love about Vail; people are always in a good mood here. Even the staff, despite having to work. With the exception of one bad experience, service in Vail is superior to many similar spots around Colorado. There’s just something in the air here that puts everyone in a good mood and I think it is called “vacation mode.” You can’t help but fall into this lifestyle when you are here, and it’s healthy to be in a good mood.

2. Good Shopping

I wrote about this in last week’s The Heidi Guide, and it’s true. Shopping in Vail is fun and there is a lot to look at here, from colorful dog toys to fur coats. Want a cheap Vail t-shirt? They’ve got that too. Seriously, Vail offers shopping for everyone, not just the rich and famous.

3. Good Food

It’s no secret, I come to Vail to eat. The Little Diner serves one of the best breakfasts in Colorado and it’s tucked into Lionshead Vail near the bus stop. I’ve eaten here a lot and while I should broaden my Vail breakfast horizons, I continue to go because I know it will be delicious.

On this past trip, we ordered pizza to-go at The Blue Moose because they were close to our condo at Antlers at Vail. This pizza has a crave factor and in fact, I’d love a slice right now. With thin crust and generous toppings, this is easily one of the best pies I’ve eaten. 

If you want slightly higher-end food that’s worth the price tag, I recommend Leonora at The Sebastian, La Tour Restaurant and Terra Bistro. I’ve been recommending the latter for years. The best part about dining in Vail is that you can’t go wrong at an eatery in this fantastic foodie town. There’s a reason Taste of Vail is in its 29th year; the best chefs love living in the Vail Valley. 

4. Good Snow

Vail Mountain has 5,317 acres of skiable terrain. That’s big, very big. You can ski here all day and never go down the same run. There are 195 trails, 31 lifts and a 4-mile run (Riva Ridge). There is a reason this is the favorite mountain of many, including my husband. 

5. Good Lodging & Dog-Friendly

Photo by Ryan Schlaefer

There is no lack of lodging in Vail, whether you want to cozy up at Four Seasons, or enjoy the family at Antlers at Vail or rent a house with friends through Moving Mountains, this town has it all. 

It is a walkable town that’s incredibly dog-friendly. You’ll see dogs at the finest hotels here. If your pooch is a well-behaved doggo, she can stay with you at lots of Vail lodging locations.

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