4 Hot Interior Design Trends for 2022

Rumor Designs' lead designer and design guru shares hot takes for the new year

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Steamboat Springs-based interior design and decor firm–and 2021 HGTV Designer of the Year Winners–Rumor Designs, answers our burning questions about what will be trending in interior design next year.

Rumor Designs’ lead designer and design guru, Valerie Stafford, shared 4 hot takes for 2022 interior design trends.

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1. Boucle upholstered furniture takes center stage. This heavy textured wool hand fabric creates depth and interest without a busy pattern. Use sofas, chairs, barstools, and throw pillow accents. It’s a bit of a throw back to the 80’s!

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2. Curves are back! Curvy furniture adds a softness, organic feel to any space and easily fits into any design style. You will see curves in architectural home details such as doorways, casegoods, legs of night stands, headboards, and chests. We are throwing it back to the 80’s! But remember, curved furniture does take up more space and doesn’t always fit flat against a wall.

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3. Multi-use spaces are a must. With many people working from home, adding a desk/workspace is becoming more essential than ever. Barn doors, room dividers, shelves, and building platforms are all ways to divide a space for multi-functional use.

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4. Bring the outdoors in. Believe it or not, nature inspired design is still making a comeback. Add greenery to complement a natural wood tone or add shades of green for the feeling of zen. Greenery also helps purify the air!

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