3 Ways to Enjoy Winter in Wyoming

Bike, soak and yurt your way through The Cowboy State this winter

Known for its National Parks, vast mountain ranges and wide open places, Wyoming is quickly becoming one of the best places for a winter getaway. A little snow doesn’t stop the adventurous, in fact, it gives the visitor a chance to experience the beauty of a Wyoming winter, a truly beautiful season.

Winter Biking in Wyoming

Fat Biking in Wind River County. Photo courtesy of Wind River Visitors Council

If the snow stacks up, or even if it doesn’t, winter is a great time to hit the trails on a bike in Wyoming. Fat biking is a growing sport and there’s no better place to jump on a fat bike than in Laramie, Wyoming. It's an excellent central location for those who love to cycle.

There are two year-round bike shops in this college town with staff who will help you plan the perfect outing, whether you are looking for advanced trails or just want to get out for an easy ride.

Fat Biking in Wind River County. Photo courtesy of Wind River Visitors Council

One of the most famous rock formations in the world is located just 25 minutes southeast of Laramie. Vedauwoo is home to the Turtle Rock Loop, a 2.8-mile “bike roller coaster” according to VisitLaramie.org. There are many unmarked trails at Vedauwoo, so be sure to pack a good map.

Curt Gowdy State Park has become a Mecca for mountain bikers who love the extensive single track system that’s been designed here just for them. Thirty minutes southeast of Laramie, the park challenges every level of mountain biker and is snow-free in the early winter and dries up quicker than other, higher areas in Wyoming.

Soak in Wyoming

Saratoga Hot Springs Pool. Photo courtesy of Wyoming Office of Tourism

Like many areas in the Rocky Mountains, there are hot springs in Wyoming. Many are remote but a few have been built up. One such place is Saratoga, three and a half hours from Denver and two-hours and 15 minutes east of Cheyenne.

One of several teepee hot springs pools at Saratoga Hot Springs Resort. Photo by Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer

Photo by Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer

A beautiful resort complete with brewery and spa await those who visit Saratoga Hot Springs Resort. The very brave can take a dip in the Hobo Hot Pool, which can get super hot but is open 24-hours a day, 7-days a week and is free.

Discover other hot springs areas in Wyoming here.

Yurting in Wyoming

Wyoming State Park Yurt. Photo courtesy of Wyoming Office of Tourism

Yurting has increased in popularity lately and while it doesn’t include all the comforts of home, it allows campers to get out year-round without having to pack a tent.

There are five yurts in Southwest Wyoming with a well-developed trail system connecting all of them. Clip into cross-country skis or cinch up your snowshoes and get a cardio workout and yurt reward.

In Central Wyoming, there are four yurts in Sinks Canyon State Park in the Wind River Mountains. Guernsey State Park also has yurts as does Glendo State Park. Not all accept winter reservation. Go here to learn more about yurting in Wyoming.

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