At Home in the Forest

This book is perfect for those who crave the tranquility of nature and sustainable home design


Storied Design

Books are as diverse as people—and arranged meaningfully in your home, will tell the story of who you are

Mountain Travel


Love Letters to the Planet

Artist Tony Foster paints watercolor depictions of his world travels, accompanied by snippets of maps, handwritten notes, artifacts, and talismans

Spotlight on Design

The Heidi Guide

Be Healthy, Take a Hike

Whether it’s a walk around the neighborhood or a hike at a nearby state park, get some fresh air outside

On Location

Table Talk

A letter from our Editor + what she's loving right now


Mountain Properties on the Market

A Grand Lodge Surrounded by Nature

This regal, five-acre timber frame home in Northern Virginia boasts eight fireplaces, a wooded backdrop, and a stunning three-level waterfall.

Ultimate Views in Alberta

This iconic home delivers dynamite views of the Canadian Rocky Mountains at the gateway to Banff National Park.