The ML List: Top Architects & Designers 2019

Our guide to the Best in the West
McLaughlin & Associates Architects, Photo by Gibeon Photography

The editors of Mountain Living are pleased to present an exclusive guide to the most influential architects and interior designers at work in the West today. With recommendations from clients, vendors, professional organizations and ML readers, we’ve carefully compiled a list of top talent.

The list is organized by state and town to make it easy for readers to find help in their regions. Some architects have more than one office, and we have listed only their main corporate location.

Those who were featured in Mountain Living during the past two years receive a special highlight mentioning their most recent project as of January/February 2019. (Architects and designers featured during the past two years but located in an area outside of Mountain Living’s territory are grouped together at the end of the list.)

The list is illustrated with a few of our favorite high-country spaces featured in the pages of Mountain Living over the past year.


Aspen/Basalt/Carbondale/Glenwood Springs/Snowmass

Baker Design Group 970-379-7804

Photo by David Patterson

Brewster McLeod Architects 970-544-0130
August 2017, page 110 or Rock-Solid and Light-Filled in Telluride

Photo by David Patterson

Charles Cunniffe Architects 970-925-5590
July 2018, page 126 or Small Space, Grand Style

CCY Architects 970-927-4925
Jan./Feb. 2019, page 134 or A Norwegian-Inspired Aspen Home

David Johnston Architects 970-925-3444

Forum Phi Architecture 970-376-3520

Galambos Architects 970-429-1286

Green Line Architects 970-963-6689

Hagman Architects 970-927-3822

Harry Teague Architects 970-927-4862

Jeffrey Berkus Architects 970-925-7017

KA Designworks 970-948-9510

Lea Sisson Architect 970-925-1224

Lipkin Warner Design & Planning, LLC 970-927-8473

Manchester Architects 970-923-4411

Mata Design Company 970-274-6011

Michael Fuller Architects 970-927-6620

Poss Architecture & Planning 970-925-4755

Robert G. Sinclair Architecture 970-925-4269

Rowland+Broughton Architecture/ Urban Design/ Interior Design 970-544-9006

Studio B Architecture+Interiors 970-920-9428

Photo by Aubree Dallas

Theodore Guy Associates 970-927-3167
Jan./Feb. 2018, page 144 or A Red Mountain Remodel

Zone 4 Architects 970-429-8470


Anne Grice Interiors 970-429-4148

Photo by Emily Minton Redfield

Barbara Glass, Inc. 970-309-4196
July 2017, page. 102 or A Mesa-Top House in Aspen

Cathers Home 970-927-6556

Della & Zella Interiors 970-710-2047

ID Interiors 970-925-4342

JH Todd Interiors, Inc. 970-987-1148

Karen White Interior Design 970-927-3036

Kristin Dittmar Design 970-300-4688

Lanthia Hogg Designs 970-948-3047

Photo by Aubree Dallas

Lauren Scannell Design 317-730-3783
Jan./Feb.2018, page 144 or A Red Mountain Remodel

Poss Interior Design 970-925-4755

Robyn Scott Interiors 970-927-5354

Photo by David O. Marlow

Studio 133 970-9963-0424
2017 Home of the Year Winner
Nov./Dec. 2017 page 97 or 2017 Home of the Year: An Aspen Grand Legacy

Rowland+Broughton Architecture/ Urban Design/ Interior Design 970-544-9006

Weber Interior Design 970-948-2848

Weiss & Wirth Interior Design 970-945-5701


Photo by Emily Minton Redfield

Arch11 303-546-6868
May/June 2018, page 102 or A Jewel-Box Home in Colorado

Barrett Studio Architects 303-449-1141

David A. Beal & Associates 303-443-9613

Fänas Architecture 303-444-5380

Folwell Studios Architecture 720-334-1168

Gettliffe Architecture 303-449-9155

KGA Studio Architects 303-442-5882

Photo by Dallas & Harris Photography

Mosaic Architects & Interiors 303-247-1100
March/April 2018, page 92 or 6 Fabulous Kitchens (“It’s Only Natural”)

MQ Architecture & Design 720-565-3929

Rodwin Architecture 303-413-8556

Stillwater Architecture 720-441-7460


Keira Ritter Design Company 303-485-8939

Breckenridge/ Copper/Frisco/ Keystone

Photo by Emily Minton Redfield

Allen-Guerra Architecture 970-453-7002
July. 2017, page 112 or A Contemporary Castle With a Twist

Arapahoe Architects, P.C. 970-453-8474

BHH Partners Planners/Architects 970-453-6880

Matthew Stais Architects 970-453-0444


Collective Designs + Furnishings 970-668-4308

Photo by Lauren Ruehring, courtesy of Kitchenscapes

Harmony Interiors 970-668-0291
March/April 2018, page 94 or 6 Fabulous Kitchens (“Mix & Mingle”)

Interiors by Design 970-453-9020

Markel Design Group 970-668-1781

Crested Butte

Photo by James Ray Spahn

Daniel J Murphy Architect, P.C. 970-349-1200
Sept./Oct. 2017, page 138 or Having it All in this Crested Butte Home

Photo by James Ray Spahn

Sunlit Architecture 970-349-5311
​Sept./Oct. 2018, page 118 or These 4 Powder Rooms Pack a Design Punch


Photo by James Ray Spahn

Interni Design Studio 970-596-4586
Sept./Oct. 2017, page 138 or Having it All in this Crested Butte Home

Interior Visions 970-209-6332

Photo by James Ray Spahn

Studio West 970-349-7550
Sept./Oct. 2018, page 118 or These 4 Powder Rooms Pack a Design Punch

Denver Area

AJA Studio 970-376-2575

Architectural Workshop 303-788-1717

Blueline Architects 303-893-0346

Earl Anderson Architects 720-529-8828

Micheal Perez Architect 303-688-7948

OZ Architecture 303-861-5704

Ruggles Mabe Studio 303-355-2460


Andrea Lawrence Wood Interior Design 303-333-0599

Photo by Emily Minton Redfield

Andrea Schumacher Interiors 303-458-6462
July 2017, page 112 or A Contemporary Castle With a Twist

Ashley Campbell Interior Design 303-996-6195

Associates III 303-534-4444

D’Amore Interiors 303-422-8704

Design One Interiors 970-453-2813

Djuna Design Studio 303-355-3500

Photo by Eric Lucero

Duet Design Group 303-783-9327
Jan./Feb. 2019, pg. 162 or Sophisticated Comforts in a Vail Village Condo

Griffith Interior Design, LLC 303-945-1212

Harrison Browne Interior Design 970-309-5472

HW Home 303-394-9222

Jeffrey P. Elliott Interior Design 303-860-0109

Petra Richards Interiors 720-201-1999

rebaL design 303-818-6306

Photo by David Patterson and Kevin Dietrich

Studio Como 303-296-1495
August 2018, page 142 or A Modern Vacation Home in Grand Lake


Feather & Gill Architects 970-375-2195

Steve Gates Architect 970-259-0726


Candent Design 970-903-2509


TKP Architects 303-278-8840


Eggers Architecture, Inc. 970-724-3411


Rohde Design 303-444-6498

Steamboat Springs/Hayden

Axial Arts Architecture 970-276-7295

Photo by David Patterson

Gerber Berend Architecture and Construction 970-879-1725
March/April 2018, page 124 or Historic Meets Modern in Steamboat Springs

Photo by Paul Dyer

Kelly & Stone Architects 970-875-0590
March/April 2018, page 91 or 6 Fabulous Kitchens (“Into the Woods”)

Michael J.K. Olsen, Architects 970-870-1584

Steamboat Architectural Associates 970-879-0819

Photo by David Patterson and Kevin Dietrich

Vertical Arts Architecture 970-871-0056
August 2018, page 142 or A Modern Vacation Home on Grand Lake


Home on the Range 970-870-6777

Photo by David Patterson

Rumor Designs 970-819-9721
July 2018, page 134 or A Modern Vision in Colorado High Country

Stēl House & Home 970-871-0057


Bercovitz Design Architects 970-728-4555

Craig Melvin Architects 970-728-5251

E Cummings Architect 970-728-8177

FUSE Architecture & Interior 970-728-0841

Photo by Christopher Marona

Narcis Tudor Architects 970-708-4983
March/April 2016, page 82 or A Guesthouse Mistaken for an Anasazi Ruin

One Architects 970-728-8877

Sante Architects 970-728-6102

Strang Architecture 305-373-4990

Trulinea Architects 970-708-1445

Tommy Hein Architects 970-728-1220


Evoke Interiors 970-729-0906

Luxwest Interiors 970-728-8238

Studio Frank 970-728-0662

Tribe Interior Design 970-688-0505

Tweed Interiors 970-728-8186

Winter Park/Granby

Munn Architecture 970-887-9366

Vail/Beaver Creek/Avon/Edwards/Eagle

ALM Architects 970-328-9690

Andre Pierce Architecture/ Resort Design Architects 970-949-0899

Berglund Architects, LLC 970-926-4301

Current Architects 970-331-6345

Photo by Kimberly Gavin

Gies Architects 970-328-9280
July 2018, page 142 or An Enlightened Renovation in Beaver Creek

Isom & Associates 970-328-2388

Judge & Associates 970-949-7034

K.H. Webb Architects 970-477-2990

Pierce Architects 970-476-6342

Piper Architecture, Ltd. 970-949-7074

Photo by David O. Marlow

RKD Architects, Inc. 970-926-2622
March/April 2018, page 100 or A Nearly Transparent Home in Utah

RMT Architects 970-949-0916

Segerberg Mayhew Architects 970-476-4433

Photo by Gibeon Photography

Shepherd Resources, Inc. 970-949-3302
Sept./Oct. 2018, page 120 or A Trio of Historic Cabins, Reimagined

Suman Architects 970-479-7502

TAB Associates, Inc. 970-766-1470

Zehren & Associates 970-949-0257


Carol Moore Interior Design 970-926-4188

Casey St. John Interiors 970-376-0238

Greenauer Design Group 970-477-1783

J&O Studio 970-390-9384

Lyon Design Group 970-926-8682

Reed Design Group 970-390-3554

Photo by Kimberly Gavin

Slifer Designs 970-926-8200
July 2018, page 142 or An Enlightened Renovation in Beaver Creek

Photo by Kimberly Gavin

Studio 80 Interior Architecture & Design 970-337-4770
March/April 2018, page 116 or From Unusual Building Site to Clever Home

Studio Floyd

Photo by Kimberly Gavin

Worth Interiors 970-949-9794
Jan./Feb. 2018, page 128 or A Ski Condo with Sophisticated Neutrals



Cornerstone Design 208-384-1422

Kieffer Design Group 208-344-2680

Sun Valley/Hailey/Ketchum

Anderson Architecture, P.A. 208-726-6054

Architect Susan Desko, AIA 208-726-0155

Burdge & Associates Architects 208-495-3228

Photo by Heidi Long

Jarvis Group 208-726-4031
Sept./Oct. 2018, page 152 or A Sun Valley Love Affair

Mark Pynn Architect 208-622-4656

Photo by Gibeon Photography

McLaughlin & Associates Architects 208-726-9392
Jan./Feb. 2018, page 118 or A Sun Valley Home With SoCal Vibes

Michael Blash & Associates 208-720-3597

Michael Doty Associates, Architects, P.C. 208-726-4228

Ruscitto Latham Blanton Architectura, P.A. 208-726-5608

Scape Design Studio 208-720-9714

Williams Partners Architects 208-726-0020


Photo by Ray Gadd

Jennifer Hoey Interior Design 208-726-1561
Jan./Feb. 2019 page 156 or A Sun Valley Happy Place

The Picket Fence Interior Design 208-726-5511

Sand Point

Sayler Owens Kerr Design Studio 208-265-9160

Hendricks Architecture 208-265-4001


Big Sky/Bozeman/ Livingston/Billings

Bitnar Architects 406-587-1983

Photo by Audrey Hall

Brechbuhler Architects 406-522-0369
May/June 2018, page 96 or A Mountain House With a Veterinarian Twist

Centre Sky Architecture, Ltd. 406-995-7572
Jan./Feb. 2019, page 150 or Slope-Side Living in Montana

Comma-Q Architecture, Inc. 406-585-1112

Design Partnership, Inc. 406-587-3434

Ensitio Design & Architecture 406-209-8330

Faure Halvorsen Architects 406-587-1204

High Plains Architects 406-896-0250

Photo by Matthew Millman

JLF Architects 406-587-8888
Sept./Oct. 2018, page 128 or Mountain Mixture

Kirk Michels Architects 406-222-8611

Photo by Audrey Hall

Locati Architects 406-587-1139
March/April 2018, page 108 or A 1990s Home Gets a Contemporary Refresh

Photo by Sophi Davis

LTS Architecture 406-333-0533
Sept./Oct. 2018, page 80 or At Home in a Paradise Valley Barn

Miller-Roodell Architects, Ltd. 406-551-6950
Jan./Feb. 2019, page 142 or A Curated Cabin in Bozeman

Photo by Audrey Hall

Pearson Design Group 406-587-1997
Sept./Oct. 2017, page 154 or A Playful Home Built on History

Photo by Audrey Hall

Reid Smith Architects 406-587-2597
Sept./Oct. 2018, page 116 or These 4 Powder Rooms Pack a Design Punch

Stonehorse Design 406-586-8428

Studio Ryker 406-220-1099

Studio Architects 406-586-4777


Abby Hetherington Interiors 406-404-1330
Jan./Feb. 2019, page 142 or A Curated Cabin in Bozeman

Design Associates 406-582-8979

Elliott Interior Design 406-551-3995

Envi Interior Design Studio 406-585-1765

Erika & Company 406-993-2668

Photo by Gibeon Photography and Gravity Shots

Haven Interior Design 406-522-4188
Sept./Oct. 2017, page 146 or A Castle on a Hill

Kibler & Kirch 406-384-0280

Photo by Gorgon Gregory

Laura Fedro Interiors 406-586-0122
July 2017, page 132 or A Home That Builds on Tradition

Photo by Gibeon Photography

Locati Architects & Interiors 406-587-1139
Jan./Feb. 2018, page 136 or This Big Sky Home is the Opposite of Rustic

Photo by Gibeon Photography

Pearson Design Group 406-587-1997
May/June 2016, page 78 or A Hideaway on the Shore of Flathead Lake

Photo by Audrey Hall

Urbaine Home 406-577-2557
May/June 2018, page 96 or A Mountain House With a Veterinarian Twist

Varda Interiors 406-586-3883


Photo by Heidi Long

CTA Architects Engineers 406-257-8172
July 2017, page 122 or A Summer Cabin Redefined

Photo by Gibeon Photography

Fullerton Architects 406-837-1550
August 2018, page 150 or A Montana Home for Sharing

Phillips Architecture & Planning, Inc. 406-407-0247


Ciao Interiors 406-755-7373

Photo by Gibeon Photography

Hunter & Company 406-862-1402
August 2018, page 150 or A Montana Home for Sharing

Lyndon L. Steinmetz Design Studio, LLC 406-257-5463

Sage Interior Design 406-862-2193

Tate Interiors 406-862-5777

Faulkner Architects 530-582-7400

Transitions 406-250-3094


Photo by Gibeon Photography

Paradigm V2 Architects 406-549-6120
Aug. 2017, page 116 or An Ultra Modern Missoula Home


Broeder Design 406-544-8185

Shannon Callaghan Interior Design 406-542-2213

Robyn Woodhall Design & Lifestyle  406-360-1122


Lake Tahoe/Truckee

Dale Cox Architects 530-550-9144

JLS Design 530-587-5232

Nicholas J. Kromydas, Architect 530-525-5831

Photo by Gibeon Photography

Ryan Group Architects 530-587-3800
August 2018, page 126 or A Tranquil-Yet-Dramatic Lake Tahoe Home

Photo by Vance Fox

The Sandbox Studio 530-583-8822
Nov./Dec. 2017, page 136 or A Pond-Side Home in Truckee

Todd Gordon Mather Architect 530-414-4662

Photo by Kat Alves

Walton Architecture + Engineering, Inc. 530-583-369
Nov./Dec.2018, page 148 or Inside-Out Harmony

Ward-Young Architecture & Planning 530-587-3859


Aspen Leaf Interiors 530-338-1088

Catherine Macfee Interior Design 530-584-5000

Photo by Gibeon Photography

High Camp Home 530-582-6866
July 2018, page 118 or A Ski Cabin Makes a Backcountry Comeback

Photo by Kat Alves

Interior Design by Julie Johnson Holland 530-587-3015
Nov./Dec.2018, page 148 or Inside-Out Harmony

Photo by Gibeon Photography

Sarah Jones 415-509-7044
August 2018, page 126 or A Tranquil-Yet-Dramatic Lake Tahoe Home

Photo by Jeff McLain

Scott Corridan Design 530-388-0214
Aug. 2016, page 124 or A Sophisticated Sanctuary in Incline Village, Nevada

TAL Studio 702-888-5000

Mammoth Lakes

Brown Design Group 760-934-5545


Park City/Deer Valley/Salt Lake City

Bridgwater Consulting Group 435-333-4580

Costantino Grandjacquet Architect 435-655-3811

Jaffa Group 435-615-6873

Lloyd Architects 801-328-3245

Otto/Walker Architects 435-649-6373

Park City Architecture 435-649-7601

Photo by Derek Israelsen Photography

Sparano + Mooney Architecture 801-746-0234
August 2018, page 160 or This Park City Home Was Built to Rigorous Standards

Photo by David Livingston

Upwall Design Architects 801-485-0708
Nov./Dec. 2018, page 157 or A Surprise for the Eye in Deer Valley


Alder & Tweed 435-487-9270

Photo by David Livingston

AMB Designs 801-272-8680
Nov./Dec. 2018, page 157 or A Surprise for the Eye in Deer Valley

Photo by Ryan Garvin

Barclay Butera Interiors 435-649-5540
July 2018, page 42 or Rule-Defying Design

Photo by Audrey Hall

Denton House Design Studio 801-333-8156
Sept./Oct. 2018, page 116 or These 4 Powder Rooms Pack a Design Punch

Photo by Derek Israelsen Photography

J Squared Interiors 435-655-5798
August 2018, page 160 or This Park City Home Was Built to Rigorous Standards

Natural Instincts Interior Design 435-731-8212

Paula Berg Design Associates 435-655-9443

Robert Kelly Home & Interior Design 435-615-7125

Root’d 435-214-7791

SRE Design 801-573-0823



Bohlin Cywinski Jackson 206-256-0862

Bosworth Hoedemaker 206-545-8434

Chris Pardo Design: Elemental Architecture 206-329-1654

Cutler Anderson Architects 206-842-4710

Gelotte Homas Drivdahl 425-828-3081

Krannitz Kent Architects 206-547-8233

The Miller Hull Partnership, LLP 206-682-6837

MW Works Architecture & Design 206-352-7319

Olson Kundig Architects 206-624-5670

Prentice + Balance + Wickline Architects 206-283-9930

SHED Architecture & Design 206-320-8700

Photo by Andrew Pogue

Stephenson Design Collective 206-632-7703
March/April 2017, page 84 or A North Cascades Escape

Studio Zerbey Architecture + Design 206-930-5147

Suyama Peterson Deguchi 206-256-0809


Doug Rasar Interior Design, LLC 425-450-9911


Uptic Studios 509-850-3698


Jackson/Teton Village

Photo by Gordon Gregory

Berlin Architects 307-733-5697
Sept./Oct. 2017, page 130 or Cowboy Chic in Jackson Hole

Photo by Ed Riddell

Carney Logan Burke Architects 307-733-4000
2018 Home of the Year Winner
Nov./Dec. 2018, page 134 or 2018 Home of the Year: Fairytale Finish

Photo by Gibeon Photography

CTA Architects Engineers 307-733-9955
August 2016, page 142 or A Dream Home in the Tetons With Mod Style

Dan Joseph Architects 307-733-3735

Design Associates Architects 307-733-3600

Dubbe Moulder Architects 307-733-9551

Dynia Architects 307-733-3766

Photo by Audrey Hall

Farmer Payne Architects 307.264.0080
May/June 2018, page 134 or An Interior Designer’s Artful Jackson Home

Gyde Architects 307-733-7303

Hawtin Jorgensen Architects 307-733-4364

Vera Iconica Architecture 307-201-1642

Ward + Blake Architects 307-733-6867


Agnes Bourne Studio 307-699-0708

Carney Logan Burke 307-733-4000

Designed Interiors, LLC 307-733-8582

EK Reedy Interiors 307-739-9121

FRAME design co 307-733-9893

Harker Design 307-733-5960

Photo by Gordon Gregory

Jacque Jenkins-Stireman Design 307-739-3008
Sept./Oct. 2017, page 130 or Cowboy Chic in Jackson Hole

Photo by Audrey Hall

Nanette Mattei 307-413-3898
Sept./Oct. 2016, page 146 or This Jackson Home Underwent an Artful Transformation

Shannon White Design 307-690-1594

Snake River Interiors 307-733-3005

WRJ Design Associates 307-200-4881
2018 Home of the Year Winner
Nov./Dec. 2018, page 134 or 2018 Home of the Year: Fairy-Tale Finish


Calgary, Alberta

Photo by Robert Lemermeyer

Sturgess Architecture  403-263-5700
March/April 2017, page 72 or A Calgary Overlook With an Innovative Roof



Photo by Audrey Hall

Will Bruder Architects 602-312-7399
May/June 2018, page 84 or An Artful Couple & Their Jackson Home


San Francisco

Photo by Matthew Millman

Martin Group San Francisco 415-374-7320
Sept./Oct. 2018, page 128 or Mountain Mixture 

St. Helena

Photo by David O. Marlow

Erin Martin Design 707-963-4141
March/April 2018, page 100 or A Nearly Transparent Home in Utah



Photo by Tina Stinson

Studio.BNA 706-510-0884
July 2018, page 150 or New Look on the Block


Photo by Heidi Long

Carter Kay Interiors 404-261-8119
July 2017, page 122 or A Summer Cabin, Redefined

Photo by Whitney Kamman

Peace Design 404-237-8681
Nov./Dec. 2017, page 114 or Transparency & Light in a Montana Home



Photo by David O. Marlow

Gary Lee Partners 312-640-8300
Jan./Feb. 2017, page 86 or A Sturdy Yet Delicate Wing-Roofed Home

Photo by Paul Crosby

Leslie Jones and Associates 312-455-1147
August 2017, page 92 or This Home is More Than Meets the Eye



Photo by Paul Crosby

Vincent James Associate Architects 612-872-6370
August 2017, page 92 or This Home is More Than Meets the Eye



Photo by Heidi Long

Hank Page Design Consultants 610-335-1600
Sept./Oct. 2018, page 152 or A Sun Valley Love Affair

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