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NCFI High Performance Insulation

Building Materials & Hardware

Providing Foam Solutions for 50 Years

NCFI’s InsulStar® high-performance insulation is a closed-cell spray foam (SPF insulation) sprayed in place by highly trained and experienced applicators. InsulStar’s® value far exceeds other types of insulation, providing superior energy efficiency, a water and air barrier in one, and a consistently heated and cooled environment in your home. It’s why our insulation helps eliminate dangerous ice dams in mountain homes.

NCFI SPF insulation is made with renewable agricultural resources and is considered
sustainable because it lasts for the life of your home, provides incredible energy savings,
and saves on trees cut for lumber. NCFI is a recipient of the EPA’s rare Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award (now the Montreal Protocol) for our commitment to developing
sustainable and more responsible SPF insulation systems.