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Cheglakov Art

New York, NY
Art, Home Accessories, Interior Design

The Art of Nature

Unique interior art pieces from centuries-old fallen dry trees more than 200 y.o.

An artist Alexander Cheglakov – contemporary artist focused on wood – candle holders and interior artworks. Alexander creates unique art pieces ONLY from centuries-old fallen dry trees, mostly from oak.

Each piece of art is the embodiment of nature with a new vision. Using his own hands and imagination, Alexander gives environmentally-friendly wood a second chance of life.

When creating art piece, he uses various materials – dried, environmentally-friendly wood, pearl, Californian corals, fragments of antique stained glass, pieces of Sicilian glassware weathered by the sea, rhinestone, bronze figures, and candles that radiate warmth and contribute to a cozy atmosphere. Also, he uses exclusive rare wood – oaks that were burned inside by lightning.

The artist’s natural and organic artwork create amazing energy in the surrounding space, creating coziness, warmth and intimacy.

What is important is textured variety, what they feel to the touch.

They also tell a story and have emotional value. Can serve as unique gifts for those who cannot be surprised by anything. Each art piece has its uniqueness of style and originality.

Alexander’s artworks are owned by private collections in different countries. Alexander participates in different exhibitions (offline and online). He was chosen by Bentley Motors for decorating their annual roadshow events, touching on the theme of careful treatment of nature.