Hygge: A Cozy Design & Lifestyle Trend

The hygge craze—how do you pronounce it, what does it mean? In essence: all things cozy

There’s a popular design trend in town—and it traveled all the way from Denmark.

Hygge (pronounced “hoogah“) is a Danish word that’s slightly difficult to define—it’s an ambiance, a sense of togetherness, a warm and fuzzy comfort, not unlike the feeling of changing into a pair of fleece pajamas and sipping hot cocoa after a long day on the slopes.

In essence, it means all things cozy—and it’s catching on in both the home design and wellness communities. Whether it’s enjoying a savory meal with loved ones by the warm glow of candlelight, or wrapping yourself in a velvety blanket by a stone fireplace, the Danish trend is no stranger to what mountain living entails.

Sit back, pull on some oversized socks, and enjoy these tips to incorporate hygge into your life this winter.

Photo: James Ray Spahn


Harvest tables, dim lighting, Mother Nature-inspired centerpieces, reclaimed woods, the clinking of wine glasses—this is hygge in the dining room. Invite your favorite people into your home, serve a hot dinner that’s hearty yet simple, and break bread with the best of them. (See more of the above home in California’s wine country: Pieces of History)

Photo: Marie-Dominique Verdier


Don’t rush to clear the dishes from the table. Hygge is about sharing stories, or sometimes just basking in the satisfaction of a good meal and even better company. (See more of the above luxury lake getaway: The Lure of the Lake: A Luxe Tent Encampment)


Photo: Audrey Hall


Throw some kindling and a log or two into the fireplace, and enjoy a drink by the fire. While you’re at it, put on your favorite classic movie and snuggle up with your favorite (furry) friend. Hygge is about making ordinary every-day moments not only more meaningful, but the most meaningful. Make sure to take a deep breath and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. (See more of this pattern-bedecked Montana getaway: Culture Crush)



A warm blanket is a hygge must-have—and the more, the better. Faux furs, warm knits, and fuzzy throws strewn about a gathering space create a luxuriously cozy atmosphere for all who cross its path. Add plush seating, soft music, and warm beverages, and you’re golden. (See more velvety goodness like the above Luxe Velvet Quilt from West Elm: Velvet is Making a Comeback)


Photo: Kimberly Gavin


​Grab a book, wrap a warm quilt around your shoulders, lean up against a window seat, and only look up to drink in views of snow-capped mountains and, perhaps, a neighbor’s dog enjoying a good romp in the snow. (To enjoy more of this rustic home in Granby, Colorado: A Mountain Home on the Range)


Photo: James Ray Spahn


Along with enjoying friends and family, hygge is also about savoring some alone time, too. Prop yourself up with cozy throw pillows, grab your leather-bound journal, and unplug from all earthly obligations. Handcrafted details and antiqued materials can transform a simple bedroom into a personal and intimate space for self-reflection. (See more of this Crested Butte, Colorado home: Beauty of ImperfectionSaveSaveSaveSave

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