Guest blog post: Get to know Denton House

Here at Salt Lake City-based Denton House, we know a thing or two about living in the mountains. Since we’re the newest addition to Mountain Livingâs stellar group of guest bloggers, we thought weâd start off with an introduction to who we areâand our take on mountain-home design.

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For the past 25 years, our architecture and interior design firm has completed projects around the world, but weâre proud to be known best for alpine retreats that complement their surroundings while accommodating clients’ contemporary lifestyles.

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When it comes to high-country designs, we think it’s important to marry rustic elements with clean, modern lines. Forget about the Rocky Mountains look of the 1990sâthink heavy furniture and brown-on-beige color schemes. Todayâs hottest mountain homes arenât afraid of color or pattern.

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Regionally relevant themes, like alpine skiers, elk antlers and oak leaves, can take on a fresh look when incorporated carefully, with a ruthlessly editing eye.

Unusual pairings, like a navy leather wingback chair next to a sculptural silver floor lamp, keep things interesting and polished.

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Blending rustic elements with a modern sensibility can be tricky. In the coming months, look for posts filled with our expert techniques you can use to make your own home a high-country haven.

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