Guest blog post: Anne Sage delivers mountain-man style

Anne Sage of The City Sage and Rue Magazine pairs images of handsome men and equally attractive roomsâboth with rugged good looks that make them feel right at home in the high country.

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Oh hey, Bob. You’ve been away too long, and I’ve missed you. Come cuddle with me on this worn and weathered, perfectly tanned leather loveseat. It’s just big enough for two. And don’t do up your shirt. I like you just the way you are: worn and weathered, perfectly tanned.

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Hi, Ewan. Take me riding on your motorcycle. We’ll let the wind whip through our hair, and you’ll throw a devilish grin over your shoulder as we take the curves just a little too fast. Afterward, we’ll come home, drink tea across the table and stare wordlessly into each other’s eyes.

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Matthew. Usually you’re a beach kinda guy, but I’m liking this mountain mood you’re in today. A hike would be lovely, and there’s a fire on the hearth waiting for our return. Just try not to hug me too hard with those burly arms of yours. I bruise like a grape, and you look so darn strong.

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Ryan, sweet Ryan. When I first spotted you on The Mickey Mouse Club all those years ago, I certainly never expected you to grow into such a hunk of smoldering man. Feel free to sweep me off my feet, carry me up those stairs and off into the distance of the glowing, radiant light. (Beware, I might “borrow” your fab plaid jacketâ¦)

Mountain men images:; Interiors images: Rue Magazine

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