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Three-dimensional thinking in architecture
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When it comes to building your dream home, why would anyone settle for an ordinary, run of-the-mill rectangle, especially if you’ve invested in a mountain property surrounded by gorgeous natural elements and stunning vistas?

It’s worth it to find an architect that is willing to think creatively, not only to provide you with the interior spaces your family needs, but to create a dwelling that blends seamlessly into the environment and ensures dramatic views from every angle.

Incorporating 3-dimensional, sculptural elements creates homes that make the most of your unique building site. Think curves and angles, expansive walls of glass, and separate pods connected by bridge-like passageways. 

Take it to the next level by incorporating these elements into your design.


Canyonpoint0508 0687

The inviting curve of the miles-long functional workspace in this kitchen is topped with expansive windows, capturing the breathtaking views of Telluride beyond.

Green Fin Porch

 A two-story window of walls- curved, extended, and leaning outward- allows the entire backside of this home to focus intently on views of the golf course beyond. 

Curves Rkd

The circular form of this awe-inspiring home, anchored by concrete forms and a stacked stone chimney,  literally provides 360 degree views for the homeowners.


The framework for this Beaver Creek project consists of 3 spines, each designed to define the interior spaces plus maximize views from each quadrant of the home. Each spine terminates with an outward leaning glass wall, offering a slightly different experience in the different spaces of the home. 

Ksg 0503 108

The termination of one of the spines in the main living space looms like the prow of a ship steaming forward through a grove of aspens.

Ksg 0142 215

In the kitchen, the dining space is nestled into an outward leaning bank of windows, offering the family an immersive forest bathing experience.

Ksg 0629 187

In the master bedroom, the view at the termination of the spine was slightly off kilter, so the spine was intentionally carved a little differently to focus the view on the master bed.

Outward leaning walls

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An outward leaning wall of glass in this master bedroom creates a feeling of space and openness to the outside world, anchoring the smooth concrete floors and drawing the eye up to the warm wood grain of the ceiling above.

Green Fin Bedroom

The outward leaning wall of windows in this bedroom invites a cozy grove of greenery in, expanding the space and giving the room an ample supply of breathing room.

Expansive walls of glass

Valhalla10 1

A cozy gathering space is fully encased in floor-to-ceiling walls of glass, blurring the line between inside and out and providing a crystal clear views of the forest outside.


Imagine waking up to a view like this! Golden sunlight steaming in over the pond just outside the wall of windows with a breathtaking views beyond.

2017 02 07 Davemarlow Snow Gott 0326 Copy

The glowing lights on the exterior of this home showcase the massive expanse of floor-to-ceiling windows which frame endless vistas as you walk from one end to the other.

Adjoining wedges

Rkdhouse061420140605 0043

Creeping up the hillside, following the profile of the landscape, this home is comprised of four rectilinear pods joined together by smaller wedge forms. Built with two goals in mind- to define interior spaces for the family and expand the views in every direction, this mountain dwelling  co-exists perfectly with its environment.

Squaw Creek

Jack Snow is the co-founder of RKD Architects Inc., a boutique firm based in Vail, Colorado, that specializes in resort and mountain architecture, with the goal of creating excellent design. View their profile or contact Jack at 970-926-2622.

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