Can You Love A Place?

Falling for Logan Pass in Glacier National Park

Tim Rains

Subject: Logan Pass, Glacier National Park

Can you love a place? I have. Up at Logan Pass, the pinnacle and heart of the Going-To-The-Sun Road in Glacier National Park, I have experienced all the emotions of love. There has been young, foolish love, early in spring when my eyes are filled with the fields of yellow glacier lilies and all I can think about is the summer and the adventures to come. There has been the bitter, waiting love, as I stood in the parking lot in the fall, with the wind whipping ice, snow, and rain sideways into my jacket while I waited for the clouds to break. And then there has been the love that comes with time. The one that found me sitting on a park bench, after a long hike to the peak, watching the sunset turn the sky pink, lavender, rose, and then deepen into blue. I thought about the view from way, way, way up there and how triumphant I felt. It was my first peak in the park. I am reminded that often a place can be all of these emotions. Maybe this is why I return. Maybe it’s why you should stay. All I know is it feels like love, and I like being in love. 

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