3 Travel Goals for the New Year

Instead of a massive bucket list, here a few milestones to consider for 2018

Every December, I see articles about traveling somewhere new in the new year. In fact, one recent article was entitled, “50 Places You Should Visit in 2018." Fifty? It would be expensive to visit that many places in one year (4.1 trips/month), not to mention that most people have responsibilities, like children and pets.

Instead of trying to go to 50 different places, I think it’s more logical to make one or two travel goals for the new year. Here are a few for you to consider.

1. Stay at a new hotel

Photo courtesy Residence Inn by Marriott in Breckenridge

Do you love new hotel smell? If so, you’re in luck. A number of beautiful properties have opened in Colorado—from Denver to Aspen—over the last several years, with more slated to open in 2018.

The Residence Inn by Marriott in Breckenridge opened in late 2016. According to the Denver Business Journal, it was the first new hotel in Breckenridge in more than 20 years. Its location on the south end of downtown makes it ideal for exploring Breckenridge on foot or via the free bus that makes a stop right outside the hotel’s front door.

We stayed at this new Residence Inn by Marriott at the end of ski season last year, and there are several things that stood out: the awesome wings at the hotel bar, its incredible pool, and outstanding complimentary breakfast buffet. It’s also dog-friendly, so Fido can be part of your 2018 travel plans.

2. Do something that scares you

Photo courtesy Jet Boat Colorado

Earlier this summer on HeidiTown.com, I dubbed Jet Boat Colorado the “most fun you can have with wet clothes on.” It is, without a doubt, a screaming good time. The business started last summer, and right now it is the only jet boat tourism business operating in Colorado.

I’m a great swimmer, but many years ago, while floating the Poudre River outside of Fort Collins, I was pulled under the water by a strong current. That experience gave me an entirely new respect for the power of water, so it's safe to say I was terrified as I boarded the green and white boat and discovered there were no seat belts.

However, when we began flying down the Colorado River, just outside of Grand Junction, I was hooked. Jet boating is the sport for me and I think it will be for you, too. Whether you go with the kids, friends or grandma, Jet Boat Colorado should be among your travel goals for 2018.

3. Visit a new town

Photo by Lisa Kral, Dancing in My Head Photography

You might be surprised to learn that even as a travel writer who constantly explores Colorado and beyond, I haven’t explored every town. A few Rocky Mountain towns that I haven’t visited are Silverton and Lake City. I’ve been through both towns, but haven’t had the opportunity to dig beneath the surface.

If there are still some Rocky Mountain towns out there that I haven’t explored, I’ll bet that you still have a few to check off your list too. Don’t you think it's time to go?


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