1,600-Square-Foot Farmhouse

A design team turns a dilapidated old farmhouse into a comfortable family retreat with style to spare

When they first visited the little house on the banks of Montana’s Yellowstone River, architect Brett Nave, residential designer Lori Ryker and interior designer Stephanie Sandston had to look past a few eyesores to see its potential. “It was leaning in six directions, there was purple shag carpeting on the stairs and a baby goat on the kitchen countertop,” Nave recalls. An added wrinkle: Because of its location in a floodway and no-build zone, the structure couldn’t be expanded beyond its original footprint.

But the more they contemplated the space, “the more obvious it became that something wonderful could be done with it,” Sandston says. “The main room had a beautiful, simple shape that was worth saving.” Homeowner Paige York wasn’t deterred either, and gave the design team her challenge: Create a comfortable vacation retreat—complete with a master suite, bedroom and bath for her two young children, kitchen, living and dining rooms and plenty of storage space—all in just 1,600 square feet.


ARCHITECTURE Brett Nave, Studio.BNA, Livingston, MT, 406-222-7488, studio-bna.com RESIDENTIAL DESIGNER Lori Ryker, Studio Ryker, Bozeman, MT, 406-624-0377, studioryker.com INTERIOR DESIGNER Stephanie Sandston, Shack Up Studio, Bozeman, MT, 406-522-0015, shackupdesign.com LIVING ROOM CHAISE LOUNGES Verellen, verellenhc.com BEDROOM WALL PANEL 3form, 3-form.com

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