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COLORADO Aspen/Basalt/Carbondale/ Glenwood Springs/Snowmass ARCHITECTS THE ML LIST Baker Design Group 970-379-7804, * July 2015, page 86 Brewster McLeod Architects 970-544-0130, * July 2016, page 98 Charles Cunniffe Architects 970-925-5590, Cottle Carr Yaw Architects 970-927-4925, * Jan./Feb. 2017, page 86 TOP ARCHITECTS & DESIGNERS The editors of Mountain Living are pleased to present an exclusive guide to the most talented and influential architects and interior designers at work in the West today. These designers and architects in mountain territories have worked hard to become top in their professions, and we’ve taken note of their work, along with receiving recommendations from their clients, vendors, professional organizations and readers. Keeping our readers in mind, we’ve organized the list to be user friendly. You’ll find architects and designers listed by state and town. Those who were featured in ML during the past two years receive a special highlight that mentions their most recent project featured in the magazine as of J/F 2017. (Architects and designers who have been featured during the past two years but are located in an area outside of ML readers’ territory are grouped together at the end of the list.) This year’s list is illustrated with a few of our favorite high-country spaces featured in the pages of Mountain Living over the past year. See more of each home at 58 ML | January/February 2017 David Johnston Architects 970-925-3444, * Nov./Dec. 2016, page 108 Finholm Architects 970-925-5713, Galambos Architects 970-429-1286, Graybeal Architects 970-704-1188, Poss Architecture & Planning 970-925-4755, Robert G. Sinclair Architecture 970-925-4269, Rowland + Broughton Architecture / Urban Design / Interior Design 970-544-9006, Studio B Architecture + Interiors 970-920-9428, Zone 4 Architects 970-429-8470, INTERIOR DESIGNERS Anne Grice Interiors 970-429-4148, Barbara Glass, Inc. 970-309-4196, * Nov./Dec. 2016, p. 108 Caroline-Edwards, Inc. 970-920-3331, Cathers Home 970-927-6556, ID Interiors 970-925-4342, JH Todd Interiors, Inc. 970-987-1148, Karen White Interior Design 970-927-3036, Green Line Architects 970-963-6689, Lanthia Hogg Designs 970-948-3047, Hagman Architects 970-927-3822, Poss Interior Design 970-925-4755, Harry Teague Architects 970-927-4862, Jeffrey Berkus Architects 970-925-7017, KA Designworks 970-948-9510, Lea Sisson Architect 970-925-1224, leasissonarchitects. com Lipkin Warner Design & Planning, LLC 970-927-8473, Manchester Architects 970-923-4411, Mata Design Company 970-274-6011, * August 2015, page 128 Michael Fuller Architects 970-927-6620, Robyn Scott Interiors 970-927-5354, Rowland & Broughton Architecture, Urban Design & Interior Design 970-544-9006, Weber Interior Design 970-948-2848, Weiss & Wirth Interior Design 970-945-5701, * July 2016, page 100 Boulder/Louisville ARCHITECTS Arch11 303-546-6868, Barrett Studio Architects 303-449-1141, Christopher Herr Architects 303-641-6531,