Wow, That's Cool!

If you hike the Highline Trail at Glacier National Park, you'll see some pretty awesome sights

You know all those yellow caution signs when you're driving through a city like Portland, Oregon, or Seattle, Washington, that say “Share The Road,” with an image of a bicycle? Yeah, those, which mean: give them some space. What do you do? When I pass that herd of high-powered, neon-spandex-sporting bicyclists, I give them a two-finger wave, and think, “Wow! That’s cool!” Well…

If you hike the Highline Trail at Glacier National Park, you’ll see a similar sign, “Share The Trail (don’t feed the goats)." The difference being when you pass this herd you’re not in a car. You’re on the edge of a cliff, and the goats are way, way, way bigger (and fluffier) in person. But the same could be said. Respect their space, wait for them to pass, give a two-finger wave, a nod, whatever feels comfortable. When you’ve gone your way, and they have gone theirs, with your heart still beating incredibly loudly, you can turn to your hiking partner and say, “Wow! That’s cool!”

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