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Sarah Winkler’s Layered Landscapes

Acrylic with gold mica on panel
60 inches by 60 inches

THE ARTIST: Sarah Winkler

KNOWN FOR: Layered landscapes rendered in mineral-rich shards and swells of luminous color.

WHY LANDSCAPE? "I've always  been gravitated to the natural world. I was born in England but left at an early age, and we lived abroad a lot in my childhood. I've just been really curious about my surroundings. Where do I live now, and what is this new place about?"

LAND SCULPTING: "My art process mimics landscape formation. I discovered, by experimenting in my 'lab,' that artist's pigments react in much the same way as crushed rock to various stressors. I use groundwater, salt, friction and heat to 'erode' the layers of paint and create my own geological textured landscapes."

TRUTH REVEALED: "I've lived out West for 20 years. Studying what I'm looking at started influencing how I painted it. The horizon line became this tool I use to reflect the landscape underneath, because in geology there's so much that we don't see creating the reality above it.

HIDDEN DISCOVERIES: "When you hike a trail or land in a place for the first time, your senses are heightened and there is a wonderful sense of play, curiosity and discovery. I want to capture that in landscapes that feel familiar, yet are largely fantastical. There are hidden discoveries—a crushed mineral or a sneaky detail—that you didn't see at first."

ON VIEW: June 30 - July 21, 2017, Gallery MAR, Park City, Utah.

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