Why We Love Kitchens

Photo by Eleanor Williamson

My grandmother’s kitchen was a beehive of activity—part sewing room, art studio and bakery. She worked on multiple projects simultaneously: carving a big hunk of clay on a sideboard by the window into a sculpture, cutting a dress pattern pinned to fabric on the table, making a pot of coffee on the stove and proofing bread on the kitchen counter.

In the kitchen, all five senses are engaged as we taste recipes, knead dough, hear the timer, smell cookies in the oven and see the beautiful results of our efforts when we plate a meal. Kitchens are creative labs for cooking and entertaining, and they often anchor an open floor plan that flows into living and dining spaces. Kitchens can be tailored to a cook—think about having a custom suit made—like this bespoke kitchen by Abimis, designed in Italy and installed in your mountain home.

Kitchens serve as the hearth and often the heart of mountain homes, so in this issue we share kitchens in all shapes and sizes. In our roundup of beautiful mountain kitchens we showcase deigns that take in the views, provide welcoming space for guests, and accommodate a cook’s ambitions. Kitchens can be cozy, with built-in banquettes, or spacious with islands “the size of real islands" (like the one in this home cook's kitchen).

Today’s cooks probably won’t have a pot of coffee on the stove like my grandmother—they’re more likely to use a French press, espresso maker or a bean-to-brew machine. But one thing is for sure; kitchens are the warmest rooms in the home, the famously favorite gathering space for friends and family, for conversation, drinks and good things to eat. 

Bon appétit!

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