2 Gorgeous Fly-Fishing Spots

Cast your line in these beautiful Rocky Mountain rivers

Provo River

When I was growing up my mother loved to fish. Our family would load up in our station wagon and head to the mountains, where my dad would sit in a chair and read the newspaper while my mother tried to trick trout into taking her line. As a child I thought it was the most boring hobby in the world, but recently I've begun to understand its appeal. Here are two of my favorite fly-fishing spots in the Rocky Mountain West.

1. The Provo River in Utah

Fish love me because I rarely catch them, so I’m very proud of my tiny catch pictured here on the Provo River. There’s nothing like standing in river on a hot day, the rhythm of casting your line just so, trying to get the perfect drift in a shadowy spot where trout are hiding. Fishing with a guide is a pampered way to go, as they tie on your flies and deliver you to a spot in the river loaded with trout.

2. The Snake River in Wyoming

Another luxury is fishing from a drift boat on the Snake River in Jackson, with some of the most beautiful scenery in the world as your backdrop while you float downstream.

This summer, despite being a novice, I’m looking forward to some days in the water, nothing on my mind but casting my line. 


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