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Saturday Sun-day Drive

Ranger Rains' view on the way to Stanton Lake Lodge for a hike in the Great Bear Wilderness.

The Bucket List

Every New Year, Ranger Rains picks several locations to hike the following summer. This time it was Siyeh Pass.

Get Outside for the Holidays

One of Ranger Rains' favorite Christmas traditions is exploring and appreciating the great outdoors. Here, Blacktail Mountain.

Ice is For The Birds

Since the geese wouldn't sit still, Tim Rains instead captures the beauty of the frozen in Flathead Valley, Montana.

Getting Our Green On

When we reached Avalanche Lake, jewel-like pools reflected the sky in emeralds transitioning to sapphire blues later in the evening.

Thomas Moran and Me

Moran's paintings were the public's first experience of Yellowstone, and they're what inspired me to first visit the National Park years ago.

Wow, That's Cool!

If you hike the Highline Trail at Glacier National Park, you'll see some pretty awesome sights.

Big Sky, Big Heart

About two years ago, I moved to Big Sky Country, Montana. Lake McDonald at Apgar Village was the first big view I had of Glacier National Park. It was amazing...
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